Trip with solo female traveller

When the girl traveller goes alone, she gets acquainted with herself.  This is a new experience for me to organize some tour for solo female traveller.

Our adventurous weekend began with a 4hr drive from Juanda airport to the mountain village of Cemero Lawang. At 3.30am we set off for the jeep ride up to kingkong hill view point on the rim of the Tengger caldera to catch the first light of day. There we would be able to view Mt Bromo and also the active Mount Semeru.  And then we was just in awe of the vast natural higland  landscapes that it had to offer….


She had first horse riding experience going up to bromo mountain slopes, enjoy the volcano panorama and surrounding.  I also brought her to the south of bromo area and  explore savana  and teletubies hill.

I am very happy to meet him and we have amazing trip to Bromo and Ijen crater. before come to indonesia he had contact us to ask the volcano tour.

one of favourite photo from him :

He carry baskets of hardened yellow sulphur weighing 70 to 90 kg up a steep rocky path from the crater of mt.Ijen