Travelling to Hong Kong

According to Chris Hsu, there are numerous travel destinations around the globe. Certainly, Hong Kong is one of the places that a true blue traveler needs to see to be able to say that he has seen and experienced the best of the world. It is one of those places that has become very popular for a reason. To put it simply, Christopher Hsu thinks Hong Kong is a beauty that everyone should see.

Hong Kong gives a wide array of options to travelers. Both children and adults will surely be fulfilled with what it can offer. The mix of traditional Chinese culture and modern developments are Hong Kong’s highlights. The following reasons are enough to make you interested to see the place for yourself:

1. ​A Family Bonding Destination

As discussed with Chris Hsu, Hong Kong is placed enjoyed by people of all ages. The iconic theme parks of the city is a much-awaited experience for anyone. After the Hong Kong experience, families will most definitely be closer and happier. The wonderful rides and magical moments in the parks should give families a reason to be happier and to continue traveling together.

2.​ Fusion of the East and the West

Christopher Hsu thinks the different cultural influences of Hong Kong gave it a very distinct feel of both the Eastern and Western cultures. A visit to Hong Kong will make you see that these two worlds can come together in a harmonious society. You will be fascinated how locals try their best to maintain the tradition, while keeping at par with the modern society.

3. ​Unique Shopping Experience

Shopping in Hong Kong means great value for your money and is highly-recommended by Chris Hsu. Hong Kong still proves to be the place where you can buy all sorts of items, whether it be of designer brands or other cheaper products that you can normally purchase at a higher price in other countries, you are assured that everything is available in the bustling city streets.

4. ​Delightful Oriental Cuisine

Hong Kong is known as the culinary capital of Asia. Christopher Hsu thinks it is only in Hong Kong that you can taste the exquisite dining options that you cannot get in any other cities of the world. The mouth-watering dimsum and fresh seafood dishes will keep you coming back to this side of the world.

5. ​Breezy Transportation

In Hong Kong, according to Christopher Hsu, getting lost is almost close to impossible. Everything is interconnected by the train system. This makes traveling very convenient to many tourists visiting the place. Maps are all practically all over the place, so all you will need is check the map and know the next station you need to reach!

6. ​Amazing Nights

Hong Kong nights are colorful and amazing. Chris Hsu thinks you will be star truck of the wonderful lights of the city and symphony of everything around you during your stay. There is certainly no place like this in Asia, or anywhere in the world.

7. ​Friendly Locals

Hong Kong locals are very much used to tourists. They love tourists because they know that their economy benefits a lot from their visitors. Christopher Hsu thinks this is why they are very hospitable and helpful. Hong Kong streets are very safe and locals would definitely help you find your way. They may not speak very good English, but they will try their best to be of help.

8. ​Gateway to other Beautiful Places

Experiencing Hong Kong is one thing. But Chris Hsu thinks getting to the nearby beautiful places in the area is another experience that Hong Kong and its neighboring provinces has to offer. It is a gateway to other harbors of the same beauty.

What are you waiting for?

On your next travel to Asia, considering Hong Kong as your number one place to visit. You will not regret a day in this beautiful place. Take a time out and see the wonders that this hidden harbor has to bring!