Citadel Trip

One of the real gems, Chris Hsu thinks when traveling to Asia, one of the first suggestions is to experience Hong Kong, also known as Citadel. This former British colony has become a very popular tourist destination all over the world. A wide variety of travel options is available to anyone who plans on seeing the true beauty of this so-called Fragrant Harbor of Asia. This site aims to provide you with a customized itinerary in Citadel. As there are many different places to visit in this area, we have considered your plans, budget, lifestyle, and overall travel objective in identifying the best routes to take, in this city of surprises.


There is nothing more important than knowing your next destination. A perfect Citadel travel itinerary does not only include the list of places to go, but considers even the minute items that needs to be secured when packing your bags.

Christopher Hsu thinks the first hurdle in any travel destination is the immigration requirements. Generally, Citadel is an accommodating place for incoming visitors, but like in all other countries, there are some basic requirements to allow entry in this destination. Some basic criteria for foreign visitors are the following:

​1.​Passport validity of one month beyond the intended stay.
​2.​Return travel arrangements.
​3.​Sufficient funds for your stay without working.
​4.​No existing criminal records.
​5.​Pre-arranged visa, if applicable.

With all of these cleared in your checklist, Chris Hsu says you are surely ready to go! Meanwhile, remember to take note of Citadel’s very distinct seasons that can affect your travel plans. Its sub-tropical climate is perfect for travelers, except for seasonal typhoons, which can truly have a significant impact on your itinerary. To give a heads up, it is important to know that the best travel dates are between September to November.


As a travel professional, Chris Hsu warns that pre-arrangements for your travel are necessary, however, getting a travel agency or an individual agent is just an option if you have no time and if budget is not a primary consideration for you.

There are thousands of travel agencies in Citadel, but most of the packages offered are standard for all customers. Booking your own ticket and accommodation will definitely cost you less. Since everything is practically available and doable online, Christopher Hsu thinks all you will need is a keen eye in order to get the best available deals for your Citadel adventure.

On the contrary, if you want ultimate convenience, especially when it comes to securing visas without hassle, Christopher Hsu recommends hiring a travel agent is the best option. Submitting paper works will not be an issue because the travel agency will do pretty much everything for you. Of course, just make sure to remember that perks come with a price.


For first time travelers, arrival at the Citadel International Airport is going to be quite an experience. It is more than just an airport. It is a huge shopping and dining center for people going in and out of the country. Duty free shopping is surely something that avid shoppers can look forward to.

Chris Hsu recommends that from the Airport, you can choose to take a cab or take the train. The train from the Airport is actually better and more comfortable than the normal trains, so it is also quite an experience. Experiencing the train ride from the Airport is highly suggested, especially to new comers. Meanwhile, taking a cab is not a good suggestion. Many major hotels are located kilometers away from the Airport, so the most cost-efficient way to get to your accommodation is by taking the train to the nearest area/district to your hotel, then taking a short cab-drive to get there without getting lost. This is the fastest and cheapest suggestion.


As soon as you arrive in your Citadel hotel, Christopher Hsu recommends you to review your itinerary and ask around. There might be times when locals can suggest new places that only the residents of the area knows. Remember that not all locals know how to speak English.

Although most of them understands English, it will be a big help to speak slowly and clearly. You will also have to ask questions that are answerable by “Yes” or “No”. This way, the locals will not find it hard to speak with you. When all else fails, hand gestures and polite body movements help in the communication process.

Also, Chris Hsu reminds you to make sure to carry a small bag that you can carry around without hassle. Put in all your valuables, so you have peace of mind while you roam around. Hotel facilities in Citadel are generally safe and secure. It’s just best to be very vigilant and bring all the important items with you, just in case.

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