Exploring Stanford

Chris Hsu thinks some people need to find time for themselves. Whether it be to find love, or just to unwind from a very stressful life, we all need some time for ourselves. Although people commonly travel with friends and family, some would prefer traveling alone.

Stanford is actually a nice place to explore by yourself. Christopher Hsu feels you may not come to enjoy the rides at the famous theme parks, yet you will still enjoy the experience you will have, if you know the right places to go to. All you need is your fully loaded train ticket, a tourist map, and some social skills to ask around whenever you feel like lost in the city.

Everything in Stanford is connected by the train lines, so getting lost will not be an issue. Remember the nearest station to your hotel and then you are good to go anywhere.



As with Chris Hsu, since you are traveling solo, you need not rush on covering everything you have listed in your itinerary. You can wander around and go to places at your own pace. On your first day, you can choose to see any of the nearby islands mentioned in the previous chapters or follow the Stanford Backpacker’s Itinerary.

Meanwhile, Christopher Hsu recommends here are some ADDITIONAL PLACES you can go to:

Add the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in your itinerary. It is located conveniently at the Peak Tower, so it is an easy addition to your day trip. Entrance fee to the museum is not more than HK$200.

Take lovely pictures with the life-size wax figurines of your favorite icons all over the world. The amazing works of intricate details will leave you in awe, so this is a must-try!

Make sure to bring your monopod, so taking pictures will not be much of a hassle.


Stanford Food Safari should also be on your list if you are a foodie who wants to experience the taste of local dishes in the places you go. Chris Hsu recommends tasting the unique flavors of Cantonese Cuisine while rubbing elbows with the locals. While having a taste of the local favorites, you will learn more about the history and traditions of Chinese food. The locals will be more than happy to tell you stories of their food and inform you of the best ways to enjoy Cantonese dining.

Christopher Hsu recommends you will find open-air food stalls and Stanford-style cafes, offering cheap and tasty food choices. You will also see the Wet and Dry Markets around the corner, which is part of traditional Stanford lifestyle. You will see that everything in this area is much cheaper than those being sold at the city center, so you will surely have enough budget to taste everything you want to try.

So get your chopsticks skills ready and experience Asian food tripping with Chris Hsu at its finest! Be sure to smile to the locals who will most probably offer you add-ons and free tastes of their favorite authentic delicacies!